Monday, January 25, 2010

State legislation: New York S. 3676 Defines the practice of behavior analysis and recognizes the Behavior Analysis Certification Board competencies

NY S. 3676, currently in the New York State Assembly, would create state definition of the practice of behavior analysis, and recognize the competencies of the Behavior Analysis Certification Board as appropriate qualifications for the practice of behavior analysis. The bill text gives a lengthy definition of what behavior analysis is, what it is not, and would establish that a BACB certificant is the appropriate agent of that practice.

S. 3676 also states that the act shall take effect on the January 1 of the year succeeding passage of the bill, and that the NY State department of education would be authorized to immediately promulgate rules and regulation in order to implement the requirements of the act.
As further background, on the website of the New York Association for Behavior Analysis (NYSABA) there is a legislative action alert dated from February 2009 describing NYSABA's legislative agenda to gain such state recognition of behavior analysis professionals and the BCBA credential which would allow independent professional practice of behavior analysis. Other details are given. Please see the Legislative Action Alert at the NYSABA website, and/or contact NYSABA for specifics and more information.


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