Wednesday, May 12, 2010

State legislation: Minnesota's autism insurance bill excised from passed final version of HHS Omnibus bill

Despite concerted last minute actions by interested stakeholders, the final version of the Minnesota HHS Omnibus bill determined by Conference Committee and passed in the Minnesota Legislature did not contain the insurance provisions for autism treatment which were contained in the House version. The Committee split on this inclusion, with all of the House members voting in favor of inclusion and those in the Senate opposed. While discussion of this Conference Committee version was allowed on the floors of the Legislature, amendment was not, so that the reported version was in essence the final version.

This legislation now goes to Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. It is reported that he may veto it in its current form because of Medicaid changes; this would send it back to the Legislature, but re-inclusion of the insurance coverage even in that eventuality seems a distant possibility.

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